Core Strap Collection

Creating the essential strap collection for everyday wear

Our strap collection is designed and developed in our London studio and produced by the best specialist manufacturers in Europe. We put the same meticulous attention to detail towards making these straps as we do to every other component in a Uniform Wares watch. After all, the materials, finishing and colour choice of a strap plays a big part in adding character to our timepieces.

The core strap collection is made from a selection of carefully curated materials including high-grade nitrile rubber, textured calf leather and smooth nappa leather, as well as a selection of stainless steel and PVD-coated metal bracelets.

Each of these options is available for men and women, in a range of colours and finishes which complement the timepieces themselves, as well as a selection of carefully curated seasonal colours.


Our nitrile rubber straps are handmade in Verona, using an aerospace-grade polymer, which is the highest quality rubber used in the watch industry. These straps give an element of engineered luxury to any timepiece.


All of our leather straps are produced by tanneries in Chesterfield in the UK, Milan, Florence and the Vosges region in France and are produced in collaboration with our specialist workshop in Germany, one of the oldest watch strap makers in the world and the only manufacturer using a traditional Swiss procedure. Each of these straps takes over 70 steps to produce, resulting in the best quality construction available on the market.


Our metal straps are available in both a solid stainless steel, triple-linked construction and sometimes a Milanese mesh, which is an intricately patterned weave of stainless steel. Both are extremely robust and versatile, but allow for superior flexibility and breathability on the wrist.


Our philosophy is that Uniform Wares watches are made to be worn everyday, so it’s important for us to make a great selection of straps that gives our customers the versatility their lifestyle requires.

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