We are committed to collaborating with people who have the same devotion to detail and through the years have worked on a series of Uniform Wares + collaborations with like-minded brands and individuals who are the best in their fields. 

The first of these projects was 100% bespoke – a collaboration with architectural practice Feilden Fowles, to design and build our London studio, prototyping laboratory and atelier. The next projects were more couture focused, working with fashion designer A. Sauvage on a tailored lab coat for our prototyping lab and designing a bespoke strap with industrial designer, Carl Magnusson to complement his Fiat-Abarth ‘Double Bubble’ Coupé.

More recently, we have worked on larger scale, collaborative projects including two, limited edition Uniform Wares + MoMA M40 watch designs. For 2019, we have developed a signature strap changing tool with Smile Line and a unique mesh T5 titanium alloy watch strap with London-based design and engineering firm Betatype.

Changing a watch strap can be a simple process, if you have the right tool. This season, we worked in collaboration with Swiss manufacturer, Smile Line to produce our version of the perfect strap changing tool – a design with the same look, feel and precision of a high-quality writing or drawing instrument.

Intricate and incredibly innovative, our T5 titanium alloy watch strap is made using a customised laser powder fusion process to create a continuous piece of mesh material made from two layers of woven T5 titanium created from over 4000 links that interlock with each other and form an extremely light, but strong structure. Each individual link has been refined in gauge so that the minimum amount of material is used. The finishing touches are done by hand and the end result is a strap that is extremely strong and light.

The M-Line PreciDrive collection features a two-piece, titanium mesh bracelet design on selected references and as part of our Uniform Wares + category, we have further developed the design to create a one piece, adjustable NATO strap for select C-Line references, which is 10 percent lighter than the M-Line bracelet.

The bracelet and strap also feature a brand new type of directional clasp design, which is only possible by making use of the unique additive manufacturing process. Microscopic teeth have been integrated into the inside of the clasp, which interlock with the weave of the strap itself and allow for very fine adjustment and a secure hold, but can easily slide off to the side to remove the watch.

The fabrication and finishing of the T5 titanium strap is done at Betatype’s design and manufacturing facility in East London, keeping the design, development and manufacture all local.

The titanium mesh bracelet is available in a natural matt finish with selected references from our M-Line PreciDrive collection. The titanium mesh NATO strap is available in our Uniform Wares + collection with the C33, C36 and C39 references and is sold exclusively through our website and in our London atelier. Both the bracelet and the NATO style strap are available to purchase individually.